Oct. 08.

Vicariously Running

“I’ve witnessed way too much, I never want to go back there; was all I could think to say. Who was I kidding no one was listening to me any way, I would be alone with just the darkness of my shadow and the loneliness that I could never escape. I later found this to be so true. I can run all I want but I’m getting no where because my feet can no longer carry this heavy weight that weighs so heavily on this dreary sole that may never return from whence it one was” .


Now, what you don’t know is that I’ve been running ever since the souls of my feet hit the ground. They haven’t caught up with the pace of my minds heart. I can only here that it beats to the pounding of my feet as they strike the ground. Till this day I will make it my duty to stop what ever it is that I am running from but funny thing is that I don’t want the chance to look back.




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