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From where you are now to where you are going is a work in progress and it sure to be a big transition one that you you can be proud of.

Oct. 08.

Vicariously Running

“I’ve witnessed way too much, I never want to go back there; was all I could think to say. Who was I kidding no one was listening to me any way, I would be alone with just the darkness of my shadow and the loneliness that I could never escape. I later found this to be so true. I can run all I want but I’m getting no where because my feet can no longer carry this heavy weight that weighs so heavily on this dreary sole that may never return from whence it one was” .


Now, what you don’t know is that I’ve been running ever since the souls of my feet hit the ground. They haven’t caught up with the pace of my minds heart. I can only here that it beats to the pounding of my feet as they strike the ground. Till this day I will make it my duty to stop what ever it is that I am running from but funny thing is that I don’t want the chance to look back.




no excuses
Sep. 30.

Never Understand

People may never know the real reason I went back, umh, it was love well at least that what I told myself to stay on track
This affects me in so many ways, I know that
I am blinded by the sight I can’t yet surpass and yes I know that isn’t nearly enough until I am coughing up blood while he beat my ass
When it’s all said and done I am that….. 
Now no ones heres me as I shout …….HELP ME…. I JUST WANT out

Sep. 22.

Grab a hold on and don’t let go

Many times we tend to lose focus on exactly who we are as an individual, and it so often spins out of control. At this point, in such horrifying situations we loose ourselves and become what this person and that person want us to become. We have no sense of self. It’s time that we take a stand and fight our way back to where we were before it was taken out of context.

Aug. 30.


The power that we have for ourselves is the power that we give others when we allow them to take control of us…so this is something that you don’t want to happen….. Speak Up and Speak Out.

Aug. 27.


We allow people to treat us the way that they do……because when it is done once we never correct that behavior, so they think that it is ok to treat someone that way…..Speak Up and Speak Out


Aug. 20.

Not by the waist side

Just when you feel that their is no one on your side, HE sends someone that you can trust and confide in. HE didn’t bring you this far to let you fall.

Aug. 19.


In many of our endeavors we are faced with defeat and we often try to beat ourselves up on account of this obstacle that stands in our path and we tend to stumble and fall and aren’t able to get back up and stand up where we do so. You must never forget your strength and what has brought you to the moment where you found defeat. So get up and try again, after all you are your strength. This is not a time to regress but a time to make progress.

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